Using the Table Feature

The Table feature in Excel is a great tool to use for any of your data. It will add a Sort/Filter, keep column headers on top and provide some great visual features as well.

How to Use Sparklines

Sparklines are a relatively new addition to Excel, but a fun visual tool that gives you the power of a chart in the size of a cell. Sparklines can help you provide quick information on the trends in your data.

Understanding Data Validation

Data Validation helps you control your data entry options, making your work easier and your spreadsheet cleaner. There are a lot of options and ways to use the tool, so check out the video and see how you can start to implement them into your own files.

How to use Freeze Panes

Freeze Panes is a must when working with tables of data where you want to keep column headers visible. You can freeze column headers, row headers or both.

Using the Filter Tool

The Filter tool is really powerful for working with tables of data where you want to be able to quickly sort and filter data based on one condition or multiple conditions.